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Retrospective 2014:


Nafas Art Magazine
Nafas Art Magazine

Contemporary art from the Maghreb to the Middle East, from Central Asia to Southeast Asia

A project of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations - ifa in cooperation with Universes in Universe.


Recent and recommended articles:


8th Berlin Biennale 2014 - Photo Tour

Counterexpeditions - Residencies

Art or Sound in Venice

The relationship between art and sound objects since the 16th century until the present. 7 June - 3 Nov. 2014, Fondazione Prada, Venice. Curator: Germano Celant

Giving Contours to Shadows

Review of the exhibition and art project by SAVVY Contemporary and n.b.k., 23 May - 27 July 2014 in Berlin. By Ingo Arend. Including a large Nafas photo tour.



Yokohama Triennale 2014

Gwangju Biennale 2014

5 Sept. - 9 Nov. 2014, Gwangju, Korea. Artistic direction: Jessica Morgan. Theme: Burning Down the House.

Taipei Biennial 2014

13 Sept. 2014 - 4 Jan. 2015, Taipei, Taiwan. Curator: Nicolas Bourriaud. Theme: The Great Acceleration.


Retrospective: UiU Biennial Specials

Venice Biennale 2013 - 55th International Art Exhibition

43 Salón (inter) Nacional de Artistas, Medellín

Gwangju Folly II Projects

Sharjah Biennial 11, 2013


Art Destinations

Art Destination Sharjah

Art Destination Buenos Aires




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