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Art Destinations

In this section we introduce selected cities as destinations of contemporary art, including highlights of their art history and cultural heritage, excursions to natural attractions, etc.

First Specials in this section:

- Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

- Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Venice, Italy

- Medellín, Colombia
At a planning stage. As a prologue, please see contributions about art in Colombia, published in UiU.


Art Destination Venice

Art Destination Venice
In addition to the UiU Specials about the Venice Biennale, we offer recommendations to see contemporary art in Venice beyond the Biennial editions, and also selected art historical collections and sights of interest.

You can also see on this website:

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Biennials and other regular exhibitions presented by UiU. The features include lots of information and photos of the cities where these events take place.


Art Destination Sharjah

Museums in the city and the Emirate of Sharjah

Art Destination Buenos Aires

Argentina - Art, Culture, Nature

Pre-Hispanic Cultures in Mexico




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