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Sharjah Biennial
United Arab Emirates


Sharjah Biennial 13
12 March - 12 June 2017
Curator: Christine Tohmé


Sharjah Biennial
United Arab Emirates

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
New SAF Art Spaces / © Photo: Haupt & Binder

SAF Art Spaces

Sharjah Art Foundation  /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder

Sharjah Art Foundation


Sharjah is the third largest of the 7 constituent emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It has long been known for its strong commitment to the arts, culture and history. In 1998, Sharjah was UNESCO cultural capital of the Arab World.

The international Art Biennial takes place in the city of Sharjah since 1993. The Sharjah Biennial was fundamentally reoriented in 2003 on the initiative and under the direction of Hoor Al Qasimi, introducing a new era for contemporary art in the Gulf. Sharjah became a driving force of communication and cooperation between the region and the art scenes in other parts of the world.

The Sharjah Art Foundation has massively fueled this development since its creation in 2009. It organizes the Biennial, and is in charge of an extensive and diverse program of residencies, production grants, commissions, exhibitions, events, research activities, publications, and a growing collection.


Sharjah Art Foundation

PO Box 19989
United Arab Emirates

Email: info@sharjahart.org
Website: www.sharjahart.org

Art Destination Sharjah
An orientation guide to discover Sharjah as a center of contemporary art with a rich cultural heritage: Museums, art spaces, art walks & tours, regular exhibitions and events, etc.


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