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9th Sharjah Biennial
19 March - 16 May 2009

Sharjah Biennial

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9th Sharjah Biennial, 2009

Sharjah Art Museum
Arts Area

The 9th edition of the Sharjah Biennial comprised three components during its opening week: The main exhibition entitled "Provisions for the Future" curated by Isabel Carlos; the performance/film program "Past of the Coming Days" curated by Tarek Abu El Fetouh, and the March Meetings, a series of workshops, round tables and lectures. Even though it was smaller in scale, with a strong regional focus, and organized with more professional routine, one would have needed a lot of time to follow the strict schedule required for the dense film and performance program of this 9th Sharjah Biennial.

The organizers decided to have the Biennial opening days coinciding with the glamorous Art Dubai in the neighbouring Emirate. One can doubt that this has brought such great advantages. Perhaps the Biennial got more visitors in numbers. It seems, though, that not only those who came from Dubai, but also their regular guests spent less time in Sharjah this year in order to cover everything possible in just few days.

Our >> photographic tour gives some impressions of the event.

This Sharjah Biennial Special is produced by Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt, Universes in Universe. It is done independently from the organizer, and not meant as a complete documentation.


Sharjah Art Foundation

PO Box 19989
United Arab Emirates

Email: info@sharjahart.org
Website: www.sharjahart.org

Art Destination Sharjah
An orientation guide to discover Sharjah as a center of contemporary art with a rich cultural heritage: Museums, art spaces, art walks & tours, regular exhibitions and events, etc.

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9th Sharjah Biennial
19 March - 16 May 2009

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Hoor Al Qasimi

Artistic director:
Jack Persekian

Curator, exhibition:
Isabel Carlos

Curator, performance
and film:
Tarek Abou El Fetouh

Lists of artists:
>> Exhibition
>> Film & Performance

>> Program
opening week, March 2009

>> March Meeting
Discussions, presentations, workshops, 16 - 18 March

Press release
26 November 2008

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Sharjah Biennial