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9th Sharjah Biennial
19 March - 16 May 2009

Sharjah Biennial / 2009 / Tour / Arts & Heritage Area


Sharif Waked

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To Be Continued, 2009
Video installation

Instead of their final words, the men in the video read stories from Thousand and One Nights, delaying - like Scheherazade - the moment of their death.

© Still: Sharif Waked
Repro: Haupt & Binder



9th Sharjah Biennial, 2009
19 March - 16 May 2009, UAE. Director: Hoor Al Qasimi. Artistic director: Jack Persekian. Curators: Isabel Carlos, Tarek Abou El Fetouh.


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Sharjah Biennial / 2009 / Tour / Arts & Heritage Area