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55th Venice Biennale
1 June - 24 November 2013

Venice Biennale

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Central international exhibition;
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55th Venice Biennale 2013
55th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia

Riva degli Schiavoni, San Marco and Castello  /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder
Hans Josephsohn  /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder
Arthur Bispo do Rosário /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder
Walter De Maria  /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder
Ragnar Kjartansson  /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder
Tino Sehgal  /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder
Xul Solar /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder
Germany /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder
Chile: Alfredo Jaar  /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder
Edson Chagas / © Photo: Haupt & Binder
Future Generation Art Prize: Amalia Pica  /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder
RHIZOMA (Generation in Waiting)  /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder
Emergency Pavilion / © Photo: Haupt & Binder

Like for all Venice Biennials since 2001, Universes in Universe - Worlds of Art publishes an extensive Special about the 55th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia 2013.

It includes large coverages of the central exhibition and a selection of pavilions. Besides of this, you will find photo tours through different areas of the city with views of other national presentations and collateral exhibitions.

The Encyclopedic Palace: Arsenale
First part of our photo tour through the central exhibition of the 55th International Art Exhibition. Artistic director: Massimiliano Gioni. Including also: Introduction, list of artists, curatorial text.


The Encyclopedic Palace, part 1: Arsenale

The Encyclopedic Palace: Giardini
Second part of our photo tour through the central exhibition of the 55th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia 2013: Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Giardini.


Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Giardini

Special Features of selected pavilions:

Latin America - IILA
The Atlas of the Empire. Pavilion of the Istituto Italo-Latinoamericano (IILA). Commissioner: Sylvia Irrazábal. Curator: Alfons Hug. 19 artists and groups. Arsenale, Isolotto.


Latin American Pavilion - IILA

Taipei Fine Arts Museum
This is not a Taiwan Pavilion. Artists: Bernd Behr, Chia-Wei Hsu, Kateřina Šedá + BATEŽO MIKILU. Curator: Esther Lu. Venue: Palazzo delle Prigioni, San Marco.


Taiwan in Venice

United Arab Emirates
Walking on Water. Artist: Mohammed Kazem. Commissioner: Dr. Lamees Hamdan. Curator: Reem Fadda. Arsenale, Sale d'Armi.


United Arab Emirates

Dora García: The Joycean Society
Winner of the 45th PIAC awarded by the Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco. Video installation, Spazio Punch, Giudecca.


Dora García

More photo tours, other pavilions and exhibitions:

Pavilions at the Arsenale & Giardini
Views of a selection of 14 national pavilions at the Arsenale and the Giardini.


Pavilions: Arsenale & Giardini

San Marco and Castello
A tour through some national pavilions and collateral exhibitions in the districts of San Marco and Castello.


San Marco & Castello

Dorsoduro, Santa Croce, Canareggio
A walk through the districts of Dorsoduro, Santa Croce and Canareggio, visiting 10 pavilions and exhibitions.


Dorsoduro, Santa Croce, Canareggio

Latin America: Pavilions, Exhibitions
National pavilions and artists from Latin America in international exhibitions at the 55th Venice Biennale 2013.


Latin America: Pavilions, Exhibitions

Small Photo Tour
Fast overview: A selection of photos from the central international exhibition and of several pavilions and collateral shows.


Small Photo Tour


The 55th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia under the artistic direction of Massimiliano Gioni (see the biography) has the title:

Il Palazzo Enciclopedico /
The Encyclopedic Palace

With this choice Massimiliano Gioni is evoking the self-taught Italian-American artist Marino Auriti who on 16 November 1955 filed a design with the US Patent office depicting his Palazzo Enciclopedico. This imaginary museum was meant to house all worldly knowledge, bringing together the greatest discoveries … in a 136-story building that would stand 700 meters tall and take up over 16 blocks in Washington, D.C.

"Auriti’s plan was never carried out, of course, but the dream of universal, all-embracing knowledge crops up throughout history, as one that eccentrics like Auriti share with many other artists, writers, scientists, and prophets who have tried—often in vain—to fashion an image of the world that will capture its infinite variety and richness."

"These personal cosmologies, with their delusions of omniscience, shed light on the constant challenge of reconciling the self with the universe, the subjective with the collective, the specific with the general, the individual with the culture of her time. Today, as we grapple with a flood of information, such attempts to structure knowledge into all-inclusive systems seem even more necessary and even more desperate. The 55th International Exhibition of Art will explore these flights of the imagination in a show that—like Auriti’s Encyclopedic Palace—will combine works of contemporary art with historical artefacts and found objects…"

The exhibition will place at its heart "a reflection on the ways in which images have been used to organize knowledge and shape our experience of the world." Inspired by what scholar Hans Belting has called "an anthropology of images", the Biennale Arte 2013 will attempt "an inquiry in the realms of the imaginary and the functions of imagination."

(From information published on the
website of la Biennale di Venezia)

Organizer, contact:

La Biennale di Venezia
Settore Arte

Ca' Giustinian
San Marco 1364/A
30124 Venezia


Tel.: +39 041 - 5218711
Fax: +39 041 - 5218812

Email: aav@labiennale.org
Website: www.labiennale.org

Press office Art:


Tel.: +39 041 - 5218 849
Fax: +39 041 - 5218812

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55th International Art Exhibition
Venice Biennale 2013

1 June - 24 November 2013

Artistic director:
Massimiliano Gioni
See the biography

Title of the 55th International Art Exhibition:
The Encyclopedic Palace

Exhibition, selected pavilions
Central exhibition, Special Features

All the pavilions
Complete list: artists, commissioners,
curators, venues

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