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About the Project Universes in Universe


Universes in Universe exists online since February 1997, being one of the oldest and best-known art websites. The German curator and art critic Gerhard Haupt and the Argentine artist Pat Binder, developed the project in mid-1996, just three years after it became possible to include images in HTML pages on the Internet.

The name is concept

Universes in Universe is the intensification of our previous professional work with the new possibilities of the Internet. It was further created as a reaction to centralized cultural stand-points very common at that time. For example, to the question to the Belgian curator Jan Hoet as to why he didn't select more artists from the so-called "non-Western" world for his Documenta in 1992, despite having researched in all continents, he answered that "they were important for their country and time, but not autonomous in the sense of a universal artistic language."

Based on the meaning of the universe as "totality of all parts," we chose the name Universes in Universe to point out the universal values within all the cultures and individuals, defending at the same time their uniqueness, despite of all the interactions and increasing interconnectedness.

Focus on Latin America, Asia and Africa for methodological reasons

Although we reject a categorization of artistic creation according to the origin of the authors, we have focused mainly on art from Latin America, Asia and Africa, or art which has its cultural roots there, to respond, to a common behavior in the reception of art and Internet search, in which complicated contextual relations have to be inevitably reduced to simplified notions and keywords.

Furthermore, the explicit emphasis on the art of these regions is meant to contribute to increase the attention to it, facilitating the access to corresponding information. This was essential not only during the first years of Universes in Universe, at a time when the awareness of a global multi-centric artistic scene was just slowly emerging, while the web was totally dominated by the US, and extremely difficult to find any contents related to the arts of  Latin America, Asia and Africa. For this reason, during many years our systematic directories of annotated links about the arts of these regions, which we published based on deep research, were used with extraordinary frequency. As the profusion of information and new websites made it impossible to continue with this work, we decided to close these sections.

The production of new contents for the web was always part of the cultural mapping of Universes in Universe. At the beginning, this was a self-commissioned task. Today, Universes in Universe cooperates with institutions and organizations worldwide in the sense of a production, promotion and consulting agency, developing contents and activities for contracting partners in particular from the cultural sector. Our Specials about Biennials, Triennials and other exhibitions and events enjoy an extraordinary popularity, due to the visual attractivity of the numerous photos and their information choreography. Besides of our own UiU Magazine, we publish the online art magazine Nafas, in cooperation with the German Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa). It is dedicated to contemporary art from the Maghreb to the Middle East, from Central Asia to Southeast Asia, and appears in English, German, and Arabic.

Interface and bridge between local art scenes and the international art circuit

We understand Universes in Universe as an interface and bridge between the art scenes and artists active in many places and the global art world. The structure of the website aims to do justice to the diversity, mutual interpenetration, and networking of global art processes and to promote interest in each other among people from different local, regional, or cultural contexts; multilinguality substantially contributes to this. Beyond its function as a publication medium, Universes in Universe is a huge and constantly expanding network of personal contacts and relationships.

Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt
Directors of Universes in Universe




Pat Binder & Dr. Gerhard Haupt GbR
Initiators, direction, realization


Heilbronner Str. 3
D-10779 Berlin

Phone: [+49 30] 445 78 23

Email: info@universes-in-universe.org

Web: http://universes-in-universe.org

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