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Sarnath Banerjee

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Corridor. 2004 (Detail)
Graphical novel, 112 pages

Sarnath Banerjee’s comics, his graphical novels and animations deal with fragmented realities in the cities of the subcontinent; they bring the past and the present in relation, in order to examine stereotypes, myths and morality in post-colonial India. The exhibition "Layers of Time and Space" will present animations and the original drawings to "Corridor". When he published his first comic novel "Corridor" in 2004, it immediately attracted the attention of the Indian media. In "Corridor", the author takes the readers along on a journey through fragile post-colonial spaces in the metropolises New Delhi and Calcutta that are almost unknown in the West. With his works, Sarnath Banerjee procures the comic book, which is traditionally characterized as humorous, full of action and fantasy, a position as a legitimate literary medium.

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Layers of Time and Space
Works by 6 artists from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan at the ifa-Galleries in Berlin and Stuttgart, Germany. October 2005

Sarnath Banerjee
* 1972 Calcutta, India. Lives in New Delhi, India.
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Nafas / Time and Space / Images