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Rofaida Nour Aldyn, Julien Grossmann, Harair Sarkissian and Baris Seyitvan

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The starting point for the project jointly realised by Rofaida Nour Aldyn (Sudan), Julien Grossmann (France), Harair Sarkissian (Syria) and Baris Seyitvan (Turkey) was the almost symbiotic relationship that "story" and "history" seem to have in the place. Using retouched photographs, they created plausible past events and situations that might have taken place in El Diem. A local storyteller was asked to narrate these stories and to react to the pictures in public. In a poetic way, the artists were questioning the absolute value of images in an environment where oral language appears to be the main source of truth.

© Photo: Courtesy Dutch Art Institute & the artists



Khartoum Workshop
Artists from various countries worked together with the neighbours of El Diem in Khartoum, Sudan. By Schleijpen & Thijsen, April 2007

Julien Grossmann
* 1983 Metz, France. Lives in Amsterdam and Enschede, the Netherlands.
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Rofaida Nour Aldyn
* 1984. Lives in Khartoum, Sudan.
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Hrair Sarkissian
* 1973 Damascus, Syria. Lives in London, UK.
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Baris Seyitvan
* 1982 Kulp, Turkey. Lives in Dyarbakir, Turkey.
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Nafas / Khartoum Workshop / Images