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Nafas / The Jerusalem Show IV / Images

Bahar Behbahani

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Suspended. 2007
Video 7 min

Her haunting video, Suspended, filmed in Tehran in 2007 was another work which completely captured the essence of the theme. A girl hangs upside down as the camera alternates between her view of things and our view of her. The rain pours down and soaks her. A fire is lit behind her. Normal things happen – cats playing, taps dripping – and still she hangs helpless and incapable of any autonomous action.

Spafford Children’s Center

© Photo: Valerie Grove
Courtesy of The Jerusalem Show



The Jerusalem Show IV
Works by 28 artists in the context of the Old City of Jerusalem, on issues related to the theme Exhaustion. By Valerie Grove, October 2010

Bahar Behbahani
* 1973 Tehran, Iran; lives there and in New York, USA.
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Nafas / The Jerusalem Show IV / Images