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Farewell of Slavianka, 2010

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Series of digital photographs
Slide show, 4 min

The project Farewell of Slavianka is a slide show presenting an unusual ritual. According to Said Atabehov, the captured action was carried out by his Kazakh relatives, trying to find traces of the artist's great-uncle, who went missing in 1943 during the Great Patriotic War. At first the villagers made a special object - a 'carpet' with the same half-sacred, half-suprematic images of a crescent, square and circle, which are parts of the project Red Cross, followed by a ritual procession of the object.

© Photos: Said Atabekov
Repros: Haupt & Binder



Said Atabekov
Themes and contexts of his four projects at the Central Asian Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2011. By Boris Chukhovich, June 2011


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Nafas / Said Atabekov / Images