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Nadim Asfar

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Everyday Madonna. 2009
Color, sound
39' 39"

In his video Nadim Asfar draws attention to the periphery of the Lebanese war and the representation of the non-representative: the recording of traces of everyday life and its sensual and physical presence in the private sphere. Asfar translates the fear of the loss of subjective memory and of the disappearance of mental images into a very intimate visual language that captures the fragility of the Lebanese presence during and after the bombardment of southern Lebanon by the Israeli army in 2006. (From the short guide)

© Still: Nadim Asfar
Repro: Haupt & Binder



Seeing is believing
Works that serve to oppose media images by means of other images. Group exhibition at KW Berlin, curated by Susanne Pfeffer. September 2011


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Nafas / Seeing is believing / Images