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Walid Siti
About the work of the artist in relation to his Iraqi-Kurdish origin. With photos of his installation at the 56th Venice Biennale 2015 and earlier works.
By Lutz Becker
May 2015

Walid Siti, Venice Biennale 2015  /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder



Basim Magdy: Artist of the Year 2016
Chosen as Deutsche Bank’s "Artist of the Year" 2016, Magdy will present his first institutional solo exhibition in Berlin next year.
April 2015

Basim Magdy



Abdul Hay Mosallam Zarara
About the Palestinian artist whose work contributed to an early phase of the building of an explicitly Palestinian identity.
By Ulrich Look
April 2015

Abdul Hay Mosallam Zarara


28 March - 14 June 2015

Mona Hatoum in Buenos Aires
28 March - 14 June 2015, Fundación Proa. Her first exhibition in Argentina. 30 works in unexpected juxtapositions that create new meanings. Curator: Chiara Bertola
March 2015

Mona Hatoum


6 February - 7 March 2014

Dalel Tangour: Traversées
Along the horizons of hope. The photographic work of the Tunisian artist exhibited at B'chira Art Center, 6 February - 7 March 2015.
By Marko Stamenkovic
February 2015

Dalel Tangour


30 November 2014 - 1 January 2015

Rana ElNemr: Synonyms of Seeing
While revealing the many possibilities of seeing the city (Cairo), she raises profound questions about the very practice of photography itself.
By Ismail Fayed
February 2015

Rana ElNemr


21 January - 22 March 2015

Who the f*ck is Halil Altındere?
Provocatively Altındere uses symbolism and language of the system that he criticizes, be it that of his home country or the global art circuit. Until 22 March 2015, Kunstpalais Erlangen, Germany.
February 2015

Halil Altindere


30 January - 12 April 2015

Hassan Khan in Frankfurt
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said. First institutional solo exhibition in Germany, 30 January - 12 April 2015, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main.
February 2015

Hassan Khan



FX Harsono 1st Winner
Indonesian artist FX Harsono was named the winner of the inaugural Joseph Balestier Award for the Freedom of Art.
January 2015

FX Harsono



Barbad Golshiri's Boneyard
Golshiri explains his focus on obsequies and grave markers. He reflects upon politics of hallowed grounds with examples of his grave markers, both in cemeteries and white cubes.
January 2015

Barbad Golshiri



Hrair Sarkissian: Homesick
Recreation and destruction of a scale model of the apartment building in Damascus where Sarkissian's parents are still living. Reflections on the artist's project.
By Murtaza Vali
January 2015

Hrair Sarkissian


6 December 2014 - 6 February 2015

Marwan in Sharjah
Topographies of the Soul. Individual exhibition, Barjeel Art Foundation at Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah, 6 December 2014 - 6 February 2015.
By Ismail Al Rifa’i
January 2015

Marwan Kassab Bachi


4 November 2014 - 23 April 2015

Emily Jacir
Survey exhibition at Darat al Funun, Amman, with key works shown together for the first time, as well as several rarely seen works. 4 Nov. 2014 - 23 April 2015
November 2014

Emily Jacir



Chohreh Feyzdjou
About the large black installations of the Iranian artist (1955-1996), transforming traces of her past into private archives. A special view at her very last project on a moving passenger train.
By Michel Dewilde
September 2014

Chohreh Feyzdjou  /  © Photo: Haupt & Binder


27 May - 16 October 2014

Nida Sinnokrot: Caravans
A critical look at indebtedness and impoverishment in the West Bank. Artist's statement, and photos of his show at Darat al Funun, Amman, 27 May - 16 Oct. 2014.
September 2014

Nida Sinnokrot




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