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Central-Asian Journal of Art Studies
Call for papers, research articles, and reviews for books, exhibitions, performances, films. Next deadlines: 1st March and 1st June 2016
February 2016




Arab Art Histories
Extensive publication bringing together multiple voices to reflect on the Khalid Shoman Collection and its role in narrating a regional art history.
February 2014

Arab Art Histories



Peeping Tom's Beirut
The third issue of the Digest series, published by the collective of curators and editors Peeping Tom, is dedicated to the art scene in Lebanon.
May 2013

Peeping Tom's Digest No.3: Beirut



Narratives in Malaysian Art
Four-volume publication, comprising texts, essays, and interviews on the development of visual art in Malaysia. Published by RogueArt
November 2012

Narratives in Malaysian Art


United Arab Emirates

Monograph Hassan Sharif
First book on the multifaceted body of works by one of the most famous artists in the Gulf region. Edited by Catherine David.
May 2011

Hassan Sharif - WORKS 1973-2011



The Modern Art Iraq Archive
Online Archive educates and encourages public participation to trace lost works of the Museum of Modern Art, Baghdad.
March 2011

Modern Art Iraq Archive



Contemp. Art in the Middle East
New book of Black Dog Publishing. Edited by Paul Sloman
August 2009

Contemporary Art in the Middle East



Palestinian Art
From 1850 to the Present. Kamal Boullata’s groundbreaking insider's analysis. Book review.
By Kaelen Wilson-Goldie
April 2009

Palestinian Art



Schizophrenic Dichotomy
Review of Rose Issa's photo book "Iranian Photography Now", with examples of included works.
By Elisabeth Wellershaus
January 2009

Amirali Ghasemi



Resistance[s] Vol. II
Lowave's 2nd edition of experimental films and video art from the Middle East and North Africa.
February 2008




Al Manakh
Analysis of developments along the Gulf: A Guide, a Survey, an Agenda. Book review.
By Bill Sarnecky
October 2007

Al Manakh - cover



Doc12 Magazines Mania
A Southeast Asian critique of the Documenta 12 magazines project.
By Kean Wong
September 2007

Asia Speaking Up


1 - 10 August 2007

Indonesian Women Artists
Interview with Carla Bianpoen on her new book "Indonesian Women Artists: The Curtain Opens."
By Enin Supriyanto
August 2007

Indonesian Women Artists



A multimedia travel journal of the current Tehran art scene. Review of the DVD Magazine.
By Dietrich Roeschmann
June 2007

Ahmad Morshedlou



Al Manakh
Analysis of developments along the Gulf: A Guide, a Survey, an Agenda
May 2007




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